April Showers Bring June Brides: Our Best Wedding Shower Gifts

April 17, 2021

April Showers Bring June Brides: Our Best Wedding Shower Gifts

Trees are blossoming, grass is greening and there is an overwhelming feeling of hope as our nation comes out of hibernation after a year of living socially distanced. Many states are loosening restrictions on restaurants and social gatherings. Weddings that were postponed due to the pandemic are now rescheduled and happening! Spring is the season for the time honored tradition of “showering” the bride-to-be or couple-to-be with special and useful gifts ahead of summer weddings. 

We think the nicest shower and wedding gifts honor the couple with their monogram or married name. Traditionally, serving pieces feature the wife’s monogram while barware displays the husband’s initials. These days more and more couples choose a modern monogram which combines the couple’s first name initials with the initial of their married last name. The wife’s first name initial is on the left, the married last name initial is in the middle and typically larger and the husband’s first name initial is on the right.

We’ve rounded  up our favorite monogrammed gifts for showers and weddings along with a couple of gifts that are particularly popular with couples.

Dip and Appetizer Board - This versatile board and dip is perfect for breads, crackers, cheese, dips and spreads. It can be personalized with the couples last name or a monogram.

Stainless Steel Cocktail Set - The wonderful and set is perfect for “stock the bar” showers and offering a gift that is a great value and appreciated by brides and grooms.

Stainless Steel Hammered Ice Bucket - This generous and beautifully crafted ice bucket is ideal for chilling wine or champagne or can be used as for flowers.

Monogrammed Tree Skirt - Our monogrammed Christmas tree skirts are one of our most popular personalized gifts and is a wonderful way for a couple to share their first Christmas together as husband and wife. The navy blue color is the most popular followed by black. Our customers most often choose the 44” size for its versatility.

Monogrammed Cutting Board with Handles - This large cutting board can be personalized with a monogram or family name. It’s size and grove around the edge make it idea for carving a turkey or tenderloin. The study handles ensure a steady and safe delivery to the dining room table! This beautiful board can also be used for cheese, as a tray or displayed when not in use.

Monogrammed Acrylic Pitcher - There are few things more useful than a pitcher! This one checks all of the boxes with its durability, modern design and a sophisticated monogram too. Perfect for entertaining outside, your favorite beverage or even filled with flowers!

Monogrammed Acrylic Silverware Caddy - This useful organizer makes a great gift filled with pretty paper products for the season or a variety of kitchen gadgets and utensils. It can be used for entertaining on a buffet, to organize desk accessories or in a bathroom for combs and brushes. The uses for this chic and neat organizer are limitless!