See You at the Sea Shore: Summer Coastal Style

July 31, 2021

See You at the Sea Shore: Summer Coastal Style

It’s been a fabulous summer so far! Everything seems lighter and brighter and there is renewed hope and optimism. We’re shedding masks and putting on smiles again. People are not only getting out, they’re going away and traveling in included! 

This summer we returned to Martha’s Vineyard and you can see story posts from the trip on our Instagram highlight section. We’ve been so inspired by the sun, sea and sand that we’ve schemed up the best of summer coastal style. Whether you’re visiting someone with a vacation house and need a hostess gift, refreshing your own beach house or just looking to add some coastal style to your own home we’ve got the best for gifting, entertaining and decor here for you. 

So here’s to summer sunsets, running your toes through the sand and being together again! 

Cheers and Soonest!


Gifts for your Host or Hostess:

If you’re fortunate enough to be invited to a friend’s home for dinner or even overnight the best way to show your appreciation is with a thoughtful gift. It need not be large or extravagant, just something the host would appreciate or even need. If you're staying with a friend for the first time then it’s nice to take something consumable like wine, cheese, sweets or flowers and then follow up with a tangible gift once you see the style of the house or identify a need they may have like an ice bucket, cheese board or stylish tray. If the invitation is for dinner then we like to give small useful gifts such as a cheese spreader along with a nice piece of artisanal cheese or coasters along with a nice bottle of wine.

Coastal Decor:

The best way to add coastal decor is to choose accessories carefully without going overboard (pun absolutely intended!) It may be tempting to buy everything that exudes the beach, however, we prefer quality and style over quantity. Think of it as a nod and wink to the location and just add one detail to a space. A pair of nautical inspired bookends on your bookshelves, a decorative shell on top of a stack of coffee table books, a charming print in the powder room, or a model sailboat on top of a bedroom bureau.