Fall for Decor that Works All Year Long

September 26, 2020

Fall for Decor that Works All Year Long

Fall for Decor that Works All Year Long

So I need to start this blog with a confession...I don’t own a lot of seasonal decorations. There I said it and now I’ll explain.

As someone who owns a company devoted to decor and gifts one would think that I own copious collections of pumpkins, turkeys, trees, hearts, shamrocks bunnies etcetera, etcetera. The truth is that, with the exception of christmas tree decorations, I can fit all of the other holidays combined in two plastic bins. I know this seems a little shocking and you're probably thinking how can you create insta worthy vignettes without having a lot of decorations.

Well, the answer is fairly simple. I invest in decor items that I can easily tweak with the seasons. I’ve thought about this blog post for a while knowing that to admit that I don’t own a lot of decorations that I switch out with every meteorological change seems like retailer suicide. In the end I decided that I need to put it out there because the truth is this is how I live and I know a lot of other people do too.

Don’t get me wrong. I have spent more time than I care to admit going down the Pinterest/Instagram rabbit hole of elaborately decorated front porches that look like pumpkin patches, garland clad mantels and tablescapes that put Martha Stewart to shame. So, as much as I love to be inspired I only have so much time, space and money.

There are a couple of philosophies I live by and I bring to Porte Cochere Home as well. The first is that I have to love everything I own. If I don’t then it goes because I know there’s someone out there who will. The second is that when I buy anything (a pair of shoes, a basket, etc.) I have to think of at least three ways to wear or use that item or it’s not worth buying. Some may say is midwest practicality combined with Yankee thriftiness. I say that I am surrounded by pretty things that bring me joy and provide multiple uses.

So now I’m sharing my favorites for fall that can be used in multiple ways all year long. I hope you love them as much as I do and find them equally versatile too.

Cheers and Soonest!

Tree Slice Cheese Board: This cheese board has sooo many uses beyond just serving cheese. Check out the saved stories on our Instagram Profile and look for “Board Decor” to see what I mean. I’ve withered away the time on Pinterest so you don’t have to.

Taupe Gingham Cachepot / Preserved Boxwood Wreath Candle Ring: Is there such a thing as too much gingham? It’s timeless and can be dressed up or down. This neutral is like a chameleon and will complement any color. If you’ve followed us for a while then you know we hang these little preserved wreaths everywhere. Think ginger jars, powder room sconces, door knobs and chair backs.

Sapphire Blue Faux Croc Ice Bucket: This basically combines three things we love into one...anything blue, anything animal print and an ice bucket. It can also be used as a vase for flowers or to corral napkin wrapped silverware on a buffet.

Fun Paper Cocktail Napkins: We love these chinoiserie monkey napkins! They’re in the colors of the season (orange and green) and can be used all year long. They also come packaged in a decorative gold box which makes them perfect for gifting too.

Gold Oval Loop Basket: This may be one of my all time favorite pieces we have ever carried. A trip to the grocery store in the fall and it’s filled with pumpkins and gords, at christmas it's greens and shiny ornaments and for easter it’s faux grass and eggs. In between seasons it sits on our island filled with fruit or on our dining room sideboard filled with preserved boxwood balls. I almost forgot to mention it’s actual use as a food safe bread basket!

Black Tole and Gold Bamboo Guest Towel Tray: Ok, so here’s something I actually do change out with the seasons and that’s powder room guest towels. This great tray can be used for linen or paper guest towels or to keep soaps and lotions tidy on the vanity. It also makes a great entry/mudroom tray for keys, face masks, etc.

Preserved Boxwood Wreath: We love preserved boxwood! It brings a natural element inside and it’s oh so easy to care for. You may remember one of our most liked instagram posts of a boxwood wreath with a greek key bow. I put it up last Christmas and it’s still up today. Change the bow with the seasons, tuck dried hydrangeas in from your garden or attach a few stray christmas ornaments to change its look throughout the year.

Emerald Foo Dogs: Everyone should have a few decorative objects that they love. For me it’s this little pair of foo dogs. I’m crazy about the color green. We started seeing this shade last year at Highpoint and it’s everywhere now. This pair is perfect on a bookshelf, on a tray with candles as a centerpiece or even on a desk to hold down papers.