How to Create the Essential Entertaining Tool Kit

October 16, 2019

How to Create the Essential Entertaining Tool Kit

October kicks off the season of entertaining. It starts with football, gives way to Halloween and then finally the big ones...Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Ironically, its bookend is also football with the Super Bowl!

Regardless if we plan an event in advance or entertain spontaneously, we reach for the same essential pieces every time. So much so, that we've created the essential tool kit for entertaining. It's easy to entertain when everything is gathered up in one place and kept at the ready. It's not a big list so storage is simple and there's no last minute fire drill. Be ready for whatever celebration life brings with this list of 8 essential items for entertaining!

1. A Great Tray - A large tray with handles is an absolute must have. We love this one because it's super sturdy, acrylic is always chic and it compliments any decor or setting. It can be used to serve appetizers, as a bar tray or even to clear dishes at the end of the evening.

2. A Cheese Board and Knife - We put the "P" in practical! No time to make an appetizer? A great piece of cheese and sliced figs on a cheese board is easy and impressive. A cheese board can also be used to serve sliced bread, meats or even as a cake plate!

3. Stylish Ice Bucket - Sure you can serve ice out of a bowl but why would you? A fabulous ice bucket can make a decor statement and keep your ice from melting. When you're not using it for ice or chilling wine it makes a great container for fresh flowers. A stylish ice bucket also makes a great shower, wedding or house warming gift.

4. Serving Spoons and an Ice Scoop - If you've ever put together a buffet you quickly realize that there's no such thing as having too many serving spoons. A set of salad spoons can be used for their intended purpose or separated and used individually. Try scooping out ice with a spoon or small cup you quickly realize the usefulness of an ice scoop. It's also great for scooping out potato chips at a barbecue!

5. Cloth Napkins and Cloth Cocktail Napkins - There are a zillion companies doing pretty paper napkins these days, however, nothing says HOSPITALITY like real cloth dinner and cocktail napkins. We always use cloth napkins even if our plates are paper. Buy some that are designated just for entertaining and they'll always be at the ready.

6. Wicker Chargers - There's a reason why there are over 30 pictures of place settings with wicker chargers in the gorgeous book, Charlotte Moss Entertains. They are just THAT GOOD! They work just as well on a formal table as they do on a casual one. Our favorite way to use them is with paper plates on a buffet for a crowd or outside entertaining. They elevate even chinet, add stability and make it easy for eating on your lap.

7. Bar Tools - You're only as good as your tools. This essential set is all wrapped up to bring you everything you need to be the mixologist with the most. In addition to a great cork screw we find a muddler, jigger and a spoon to be key to creating the perfect signature cocktail.

8. All Purpose Container - We love things that do double or triple duty and are pretty enough to keep on your counter. This beautiful Blue Willow container does just that! It can be used for flowers, as a wine chiller or to hold silverware on a buffet. When it's not used for entertaining it makes a great container for kitchen utensils.